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November 13, 2018

With winter here and the holidays approaching, we often find ourselves at a local coffee shop or Starbucks. While calorie-free beverages including water, black coffee, and tea should be our “most often” choices, many of us are looking to add some flair to warm beverages during the colder months.

If you’ve ever looked up the nutrition on popular holiday Starbucks’ drinks, you know that some contain a meal’s worth of calories and are the nutritional equivalent to ice cream!

If you are looking to add some zest to your coffee order, but still want to make a better choice, consider our favorite “Starbucks hack":

Tip: most local coffee shops and Starbucks will have a few options for sugar-free syrup including Vanilla or Cinnamon Dolce. If you don't enjoy sugar-free syrup, ask the barista to go "half sweet" on a regular syrup or sweetener. 

Check out this link for a throwback post with some other "better-for-you" holiday drink ideas.

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