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Consistency, Vacation, & Celebrations
February 27, 2019

Worried about exercising on vacation? Wondering how to navigate the menu at a birthday supper? Fearful of whether a holiday meal will derail your healthy eating goals? I am here to offer my perspective!

When making significant nutrition change, it is the seemingly “small” decisions you make every single day that add up to big changes. Many times, we can find ourselves placing emphasis on how the “big” events that come up in our day, week, or month will effect our progress. Like a celebratory birthday supper or a weeklong vacation.

Clients often ask me “how do I stay on track for my birthday supper?” or “what should I eat on vacation?”. It can be helpful to plan ahead for vacations, special events, and celebrations with family and friends. However, these special events make up a relatively small percentage of the “bigger picture” whether that picture is a month, a year, or a lifelong health journey.

In other words... enjoy delicious food on vacation! Eat the cake on your birthday! As shown in the infographic, a weeklong vacation and two celebrations per month make up a very small percentage of a year (8%). Focus on the opportunity you have to move the needle on the other 334 days by focusing on your daily habits. Heck, if you nailed your healthy habits on those other 334 days you’d score a 92% on the test and make significant progress towards your goal.

Give energy to your daily actions. Oh, and don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back when you do! How many times do we find ourself focusing on the habits we get wrong while forgetting to give ourselves a high five for the habits we get right!?

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