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Holiday Gift Ideas
November 27, 2018

I wish I could say I made commision recommending these products (hehe!) but this is just genuinely a list of items I personally love and would recommend as gifts.

For the CrossFit Kool-Aid Drinker

Bear Komplex

These are my favorite gymnastic grips. When asked what is the one CrossFit "accessory gear" I would recommend I always say I would choose my grips over my lifters or belt. I wear a medium which offers a bit more material to create a gymnastics grip on the pull up bar.

RPM Jump Rope

The RPM jump ropes are pricey but worth the investment for avid CrossFitters.



The Whoop tracks HRV (heart rate variability), resting heart rate, and sleep to help athletes optimize recovery and training loads. Do note that this device is not a watch. A Whoop band is unique in its ability to measure HRV which is a measure of the naturally occurring irregularity of your heartbeat. HRV trends can help individuals optimize their lifestyle, training, sleep, and nutrition to optimize their performance.

Dumbells & Kettlebell for Home Workout



For the Female Fitness Enthusiast

Align Pants from Lululemon

These pants are so soft and flattering - definitely a favorite! Technically they aren't meant for CrossFit as the barbell is abrasive on the delicate material - but I say #yolo and wear them for everything. I laughed when the lady at Lululemon told me not to wear them outside of yoga!

Fit Bit Versa



I am not a super fan of the look of most FitBits but I love the simplicity of the Versa.

Oura Ring


Similar to Whoop, the Oura ring tracks activity, sleep, and heart rate variability to better understand your body and reach your goals. Unfortunately, they are tough to get a hold of and currently on back order!

For the Cooking Lover

Instant Pot



The Instant Pot is such a great tool for busy families! You can pressure cook flavourful meals in a fraction of the time.

Le Creuset French Oven

This is a price-y gift idea but perhaps one of my favorite kitchen tools. I love it for making my Buffalo Chicken Spaghetti Bake or Chicken "Carbonara' Pasta.

Heritage “The Rock” Frying Pan


This pan is my absolute favorite for morning omelettes or homemade protein pancakes. I was gifted it for my birthday a year ago and it is one of my favorite gifts to date. (Shout out to my friend Hannah!)

T-Fal Acti-Fry

The best way to eat potatoes! With only a small amount of oil, you can make potatoes that are crispier than oven-roasted potatoes and as delicious as fries.

Yeti Coffee Mugs

Cabelas in Saskatoon has a great selection of Yeti mugs! They are insulated to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold far longer than standard drinkware.

Useful Stocking Stuffers

Stainless Steel Straws



I love sipping my coffee from stainless steel straws as a strategy to prevent staining on my teeth. Reusable straws are also great for environmentally cautious smoothie lovers!


I love scrunchies as they keep my hair out of my face while working out without tugging or pulling out my hair. Most women are frusturated by the small baby hairs around their face which are a result of hair being pulled out with an aggressive pony tail flip that happens when Assault biking, burpeeing, running, or jumping. 

Starbucks VIAs

I love Starbucks VIA coffees and they are perfect if you are travelling or on the road. They call them "microground coffee" but let's be honest they are just glorified instant coffee. Pick them up at any grocery store - but Save on Foods has the best selection of roasts. My favorite is the “True North.”

Grenade Protein Bars


Consider gifting protein bars instead of chocolates or candies. Most fitness enthusiasts would likely prefer to have a few extra protein bars on hand for travel during the holidays. You can pick these bars up at Supplement World, Popeyes in Saskatoon, or at BRIO East.

Oatmeal Gold Protein Bars in flavour “Natural”



These are my personal favorite protein bars and they have a great ingredient list. Again, consider protein bars as an alternative to chocolates and candies as stocking stuffers. You can pick these bars up at Supplement World, Popeyes in Saskatoon, and BRIO East. I highly recommend picking up the “Natural” flavour specifically for a better nutrition profile. They make a great pre- or post- workout snack!

Rx bars
These protein bars have a simple ingredient list and are a great idea for a stocking stuffer. You can order them online or pick them up at Supplement World in Saskatoon.

Goat Tape


Goat tape is simply the best for the CrossFit Kool-Aid drinker! Use it to tape ripped hands or wrapped around your thumbs for extra grip on a pull-up bar or barbell. BRIO East currently has this tape in stock!

Dark Chocolate

I know I am a big fan of portioned controlled quantities of chocolates or other treats! The mini-Brookside chocolates and individually wrapped almond butter cups are available at Costco.

Road Trip Essentials

You can’t go wrong stuffing a stocking with useful items like portioned nuts, gum, or beef jerky - these are road-trip staples. Many recipients would be thrilled to receive some healthy snacks for holiday travels.

Portioned Nut Butters

I absolutely love these portioned nut butter for travelling. Enjoy as a quick snack in an airport or pair them with some fruit. So convenient and a great stocking stuffer idea!

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