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March 20, 2017


MyFitnessPal can be a great learning tool for clients who have outlined some specific nutriton goals. The App and website have a free version but also have the option to update to a Premium account for a monthly fee or annual cost. While the Free version is great, there are some unique feature on the updated account summarized in this article.

1. Ad-Free

Focus on meeting your goals without distraction!

2. Exclusive Content

Articles and tips available only to Premium subscribers. They often post helpful recipes or articles written by Registered Dietitians!

3. Home Screen Dashboard

Choose from four different profiles for your home screen and graphs to see what matters most to your health instead of just focusing on calories. Some options. There are several options including heart health or carb cautious. But I recommend choosing the "macronutrients" option:



4. Macronutrients by Gram

Set macronutrient goals per gram rather than percentage to ensure your “goals” and “totals” align each day. The Free version distributes fat, carb and protein calories based on a percentage in five percent increments. If you customize your macronutrient goals, all three goals will adjust to total 100%. Premium users can set a very precise goal, in gram increments, for protein, carbs, or fat, or in calorie increments of one percent. To change this setting from the App:

  • Tap "Goals" in the Menu (or "More" page)
  • Tap the settings  to adjust your weight change and macronutrient goals (Fat, Protein Carbs)
  • Tap "Advanced Nutritional Goals, " to adjust additional micronutrient goals (eg. fibre)

5. Different Goals by Day

Set custom calorie and macronutrient goals for any day of the week. This is helpful for clients who have higher carb days planned as refeeds or for days where activity levels are increased.


6. Macros By Meal

See a macronutrient breakdown for every meal you log right inside your diary. This is helpful to ensure you are getting the recommended balance of carbs, fats, and proteins at a meal or the correct timing of carbs and protein post-workout. For the App version, simply tap the numbers to change it from ‘percentage’ to ‘grams.’

7. Food Analysis

You can view a detailed list of foods you've logged that rank highest and lowest in the graph you're viewing. This allows you to quickly determine, for instance, which foods you’re eating are the highest in fat, carbs, protein and how frequently you are choosing these items. A great tool for nutrition beginners looking to better understand where macronutrients and micronutrients are coming from. 

8. Quick Add Macronutrients

Premium users can quickly add macros to their diary without having to search for the food item in the database. Users of the free version are limited to the addition of 'quick add' calories and not macros. The quick add macro feature is helpful if you know the Nutrition Facts of your meal item but can’t find the item in the database (for example, using the “nutrition builder” feature on many restaurant websites like Mucho Burrito, Subway, Pita Pit, or others). Free users can still add custom macros by searching "gram of carb", "gram of protein", or "gram of fat" in the search column and adjusting to the appropriate serving based on the Nutrition Facts of their meal or ingredient.  





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