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December 7, 2016

With winter here and the holidays approaching, we often times find ourselves at a local coffee shop. Enjoying a drink with friends or picking up something to sip on while doing your Christmas shopping is common, but it can be challenging to find a healthy choice if you aren't looking to consume a day's worth of calories in liquid form.

It’s a no brainer that brewed coffee, iced coffee, straight up espresso, or plain tea are an easy way to keep calories in check at any coffee shop. However, even those drinks can become calorie bombs when loaded with syrups, cream, whipped topping, and packets of sugar.

Many people enjoy their coffee “straight-up” while others are looking for a bit more flair. However, if you’ve ever looked up the nutrition on popular Starbucks drinks, you know that some of them are the nutritional equivalent to ice cream.



Grande Eggnog Latte

Mini Candy Cane Oreo Blizzard  

Calories: 480 kcal 

Calories: 400 kcal 

Fat: 21g

Fat: 11g  

Carbs: 57g 

Carbs: 66g 

Protein: 17g

Protein: 8g  

If you want to try something outside of regular coffee, tea, or espresso but aren’t looking to drink your calories in ice cream form, try some of these Starbucks hacks and drinks.

Sweeter Options:

Americano Misto:
An Americano Misto is similar to a latte and contains an espresso shot + water + steamed milk.(choose your favorite sugar free option or go half sweet on a regular syrup).

  • Order: Grande non-fat americano misto with sugar free syrup
  • Nutrition for a grande: 0g of fat, 10g of carb, 7g of protein (68 kcal)

Skinny Flavoured Latte: espresso with steamed nonfat milk and a sugar-free flavored syrup. Sugar free syrup options include vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon dolce, and sometimes others depending on the location and season. Some local shops carry more varieties!

  • Order: Grande, Skinny [request your flavour] Latte
  • Nutrition for a grande: 0g fat, 18g carb, 12g protein (120 kcal)

Skinny Peppermint Mocha: this classic seasonal beverage can be enjoyed lighter with sugar-free peppermint syrup, nonfat milk and skinny mocha sauce and chocolate curls without whipped cream

  • Order: Tall Skinny Peppermint Mocha
  • Nutrition for a tall: 1g fat, 17g carb, 10g protein (117cal)

Steamer: a steamer is simply steamed milk with some type of added syrup. Opt for a sugar free syrup that appeals to you or go half-sweet on a regular syrup. Great if you are avoiding cafeine or don't like the taste of coffee

  • Order: Grande, non-fat [sugar-free syrup of choice] steamer
  • Nutrition for a grande: 0g fat, 15g carb, 10g protein (100 kcal)

Unsweetened Options:

Cafe Latte: Espresso balanced with steamed milk and a light layer of foam for an unsweetened, creamy drink

  • Order: Grande, non-fat, cafe latte
  • Nutrition: 0g fat, 19g carb, 13g protein (128kcal)

Cappuccino: Espresso with steamed milk and a thick layer thick foam.

  • Order: grande, non-fat cappuccino
  • Nutrition: 0g fat, 12g carb, 8g protein (80 kcal)

Flat White: A shot of espresso with steamed non-fat milk (the traditional has whole milk for a creamier option - but higher in fat). Great if you prefer an unsweetened creamy treat.

  • Order: Grande, Tall Flat White with non-fat milk
  • Nutrition: 0g fat, 19g carb, 12g protein (124kcal)

Customize any drink:

  • Request nonfat milk: 2 percent milk is standard but any beverages can be made with nonfat milk.
  • Select a sugar-free syrup for added flavor without added calories or sugar. Sugar free syrup varieties include: vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon dolce, and others (depending on location and season - ask the barista!)
  • Ask for “half sweet” to reduce the sweetness and sugar in any beverage while avoiding the use of artificial sweeteners
  • Ask for no whip on indulgent holiday favorites
  • Try the “short” option if you really want to indulge in your favorite beverage. The “short” is a little-known 8 ounce beverage that is one size down from the tall (12 ounces). It is just enough to satisfy a craving for your favorite holiday beverage! 

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