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Flexible Dieting

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Simple Energy Bites
Here’s how to make your own homemade "Lara Bars or bites" which I call Simple Energy Bites. You only need three ingredients - dried fruit, nuts, and salt! Use your creativity and favorite ingredients to create variations—including
November 3, 2018
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Donating Blood, Endurance Performance, and Iron Intake
I have been considering donating my blood for a long time. When I thought about ways I could give back to the community I reflected on what is most valuable to me. Time and money are certainly valuable but I don’t value them as much
September 2, 2018
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Chicken Carbonara Bake
I love this recipe because it is loaded with veggies, fibre, and protein! The recipe is far from a 'carb'-onara (ha!) as the spaghetti squash is far lower in carbohydrate than the pasta used in a classic carbonara dish. Maybe I should
August 28, 2018
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Customizable Egg Muffins
Egg muffins are the perfect make-ahead breakfast or snack and are loaded with veggies and protein. While I enjoy cooking, I don't love cleaning up after messy recipes. I have create a perfect formula to make egg muffins with the least
August 7, 2018
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Cabbage & Sausage Foil Packets
Do you hate doing dishes? Me too! That's why I looooove this recipe.  This simple recipe can be prepared in the oven but it is also perfect for camping or BBQ season. This foil packet recipe is an effortless meal being both quick to
July 10, 2018
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