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Whether you feel you need a few more tools to help you reach your goals or you'd like to have the benefit of a professional nutrition consultation to get you on the right track, we offer our consultations and follow up sessions in a pay as you go model.

Perfect for individuals that feel they need the knowledge but not the full commitment of our advanced program. We will create custom nutrition plans that target your specific goals. Areas of speciality include: nutrition to improve energy, fat loss, muscle gain, sports nutrition, and mindful eating.

This comprehensive package gives you the knowledge and support you need, including:

  • A 90 minute initial comprehensive consultation
  • Assessment of body composition and current food and supplement intake
  • A customized program with food and supplement recommendations
  • Vitality Nutrition’s food list for meal planning and preparation
  • Plus many more recommendations to improve your relationship with food and fitness.

$80 for a 60 minute follow up

  • Adjustments to your plan to ensure progress towards your goal
  • Feedback and support to overcome challenges and obstacles
Gluten Free Diet

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