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Monthly Coaching Package

Sports Nutrition
Mindful Eating

Develop a positive relationship with food

The foundation of this plan is counting the macronutrients found in food (ie. carbohydrate, protein and fat) to maintain energy, support exercise and sports performance, and see changes to encourage your progress, rather than frustrate you.

Knowing how much you are eating provides the precision needed to see progress and make adjustments to ensure progress towards your goals. You will develop a positive relationship with food as you learn to understand how eating what you love can align with your goals.

With this in depth consultation package, you are supported by a knowledgeable partner in your journey to holistic health.


  • A 90 minute initial comprehensive consultation.
  • Assessment of body composition and current food and supplement intake.
  • A customized program with macronutrient and supplement recommendations.
  • Unlimited email support and structured weekly check-ins and feedback to provide accountability and guide your progress.
  • Access to private Facebook community page for recipe ideas, tips, tricks, and motivation from people on the same journey.
  • Plus many more tools to help you along the pass to greater vitality.


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Gluten Free Diet

This program requires commitment to tracking and monitoring progress with your nutrition coach.

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