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Stephanie Brooks, Nutrition Coach

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Stephanie Brooks’ journey into the field of nutrition began in high school after a Registered Dietitian spoke to her junior soccer team about hydration and sport performance. The journey continued when Stephanie was accepted into the college of Pharmacy and Nutrition to pursue her dreams to become a Registered Dietitian.  

Stephanie received a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan in 2016, including an eight month practicum in the Saskatoon Health Region. As part of their practicum, Stephanie and two of her colleagues completed a research project focusing on the clinical nutrition practices for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. Their abstract was accepted by the Dietitians of Canada and was presented at the national conference in June of 2016.

After graduation, Stephanie accepted a position as a diabetes nutrition educator at the Sunrise Health and Wellness Clinic in Yorkton. In this role, Stephanie counsels clients in lifestyle modification to prevent the onset or progression of diabetes. Each client is unique in how they combat this chronic disease. The most rewarding aspect of her job is when client’s have “ah-ha moments” and realize that the simple changes they made have had the greatest impact on their health and well-being. Although Stephanie enjoys her position, she is excited to widen her scope of practice working with clients of Vitality Nutrition.  

In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys reading, working out at CrossFit BRIO, catching up with family and friends, and traveling. In 2016, Stephanie was awarded the Hannon Travel Scholarship which enabled her to spend six weeks living and volunteering in Peru. As part of her volunteer experience, Stephanie was involved in local nutrition projects aimed at combating malnutrition in remote communities.


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