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Flexible Dieting
Kathee Lee - Client Spotlight
January 1, 2018

Kathee began her nutrition journey with a very specific goal of competing in a lower weight class in her sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Through a lot of hard work and dedication, she achieved her goal and even managed to hit a few personal records along the way. We have been amazed at her ability to stick to her goals even while on vacations and during very busy work weeks.

What is the book (or books) you have gifted the most often and why?

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. Though it is littered with swears and can be super blunt, this has been one of my favorite reads of all time and I recommend it to everyone! This book helps bring to light what we think is important, like having bigger and better things, actually isn't all that important. It really drives home that sticking to your values will have you feeling fulfilled in life. I don't want to give away the other lessons I've taken away from this book, because you NEED to read this for yourself. I could reread this over and over.

What purchase of $100 or less has most positively impacted your life in the past 6 months (or recent memory)?

Costco membership! A friend of mine gave me a tip of advice, since I only buy food for myself, which is to not grab a cart and only purchase what I can carry in my arms. This helps me from overbuying!

What is an unusual food or flavour combination that you love?

Pickles and peanut butter! It sounds insane but don't knock it until you try it. Pickle and PB sandwiches or topping a burger with pickles and PB, your life may be changed forever. A "bonus" flavor combination I loved growing up was avocados and sugar. Though granulated sugar is not the most ideal ingredient in a healthy lifestyle, maybe this is why I haven't had it in so long. I would cut the avocado into cubes and sprinkle sugar on top, letting the sugar sit and dissolve a little so it didn't have such a gritty texture. 

Throughout your nutrition journey, what new behaviour or habit has been fundamental in reaching your goals?

I have found to stay accountable to my macronutrient targets, I will enter my food into MFP the night before. I find being proactive by logging my food the day before and meal prepping on Sundays keeps me accountable and on track. It also helps to not have to think what I am going to have the next day! There are times when an unexpected lunch with a friend or treats in the office come up and I am able to adjust my food I planned on having later that day.

What advice would you give to a new Vitality Nutrition client embarking on a nutrition journey?

You may think you have given yourself a daunting task and a goal you may or may not achieve (I thought this when I first started!). But I have learnt that what comes easy is not good, and what is good isn't easy. The work you put into any program will reflect the results you get. Putting in half the effort will only give you half the results you want.  So further to that, my biggest words of advice is to trust the process and be consistent. Each day or week may not be perfect, but it's the consistency over time that will show great results!

When you felt overwhelmed with your nutrition goals or lifestyle changes, what did you do to get back on track or stay on course?

I'll look at my earliest progress pictures (or even pictures from years ago) to remind myself where I was and how far I have come. No matter how big of a pitty party I hold for myself I remember that all the hard work wasn't for nothing and that the old Kathee can't come to phone right now, because she's dead (sorry - was that a bad Taylor Swift joke?). I'll also search for new healthy recipes to try to mix things up because I love to cook! 

What is one thing you know would have a positive impact on your life but you are still struggling with implementing?

A steady sleep schedule. I struggle to go to bed and wake up at the same time and also not to push the snooze button in the morning! As a competitive weightlifter, good sleep helps with recovery and is one of five things that you can control that will help with performance (the others being nutrition, training, recovery, and mindset).  Still being a young woman I need to take advantage of the time I have now to get good sleep while I don't have children!

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